3 Reasons You Should Get Video Backgrounds from Free Video Footage

Video backgrounds are an important part of web design today. They help capture the attention of visitors and increase conversion rates higher than still images. They also help improve sales as they aid in encouraging visitors to sign up for a product or service. But, you have to choose the right ones and use them the proper way in order to succeed.

With several video background sources in the market, where should you get yours? If you under a tight budget, you would love to know that Free Video Footage offers them for free. Yes, that’s right! FVF offer video backgrounds, motion graphics, transitions and the like to the entire creative community at absolutely no cost. No tricks! Visit the website, www.free-video-footage.com, to find out.

If you are not certain if Free Video Footage suits your creative needs, here are three main reasons to convince you:

  1. Royalty Free License. All of their exclusive video backgrounds, overlays, lower thirds, motion elements, transitions, sounds and fonts come with a royalty free license. This means you can use them in your personal and commercial products. As long as you abide with the stock site terms and conditions, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  2. Everything is for Free. At Free Video Footage, you can download everything for free. There are no hidden fees and commitments to surprise you down the road. Amos Struck and his team built and developed the company as a way to give back to the creative community, which supported them all these years. 
  3. New Videos Regularly. Fresh content are added constantly, so you will have plenty of choices to enhance your creative projects. Every week, hundreds of new video clips and footage videos are added in the library. All are available for download – completely free of charge.

FVF videos come in various resolutions. Whether you are looking for SD or HD content, you will find them here. All are suitable for professional use, so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues down the road. You can use them virtually in any you want. The sky is the limit!

Is it safe to use free videos?
All videos from Free Video Footage have been reviewed and cleared for legal validity. They all come with a standard royalty free license that allows you to use them for personal and commercial purposes. All videos are safe to use, but be sure to read the terms and conditions to avoid any legal issues in the future. All clips are professionally made and are acquired from a known source. They are all legally checked, too.

No user-submitted content.

No Creative Commons.

Is this for real? Are you really getting the videos for free? Well, pinch yourself. The video backgrounds and video footage are really for free. No tricks! You can download all the clips and footage you want without paying a single penny. Free Video Footage does not restrict your creativity. Express yourself and enhance your projects without having to worry about budget.

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